Heard Lately…


Hi everyone ~

One week into the Summer Challenge with more than 60 names on the board.  I love that Aloha Collection is calling their fanny packs “hip packs”.  And I extra love that so many of you are signing up to take them home (myself included).  Everything does come back in fashion, indeed. 

Heard lately... “That is such a pretty dress!”  
I’m doing Rent The Runway Unlimited again this summer.  Many of you know how intentionally small my wardrobe is.  With RTR, I always have a few beautiful items to wear & return without shopping for this one (very short) Buffalo season.

Heard lately... “You got some sun!”  
Yep.  I’m fair, I’m the daughter of a redhead & skin cancer runs in my family.  I’m very careful.  My sis turned me on to Super Goop 50 Oil and I just spent two full days on the beach in Montauk without burning.  It reapplies so nicely.  #win #reordered

Heard lately... “Today’s class was tough!”
Indeed.  And thank you.  And you’re welcome.  24 new shiny sets have been added to the rotation & the groaning & exasperation in the room is audible, which I love. 

Caitlin’s next five week 6:15am Summer Series starts next week & 6 spots remain.  

See you at the barre,