‘Round Here


It’s beautiful out!  I finally have summer on the brain.  Hope whatever you have planned for this weekend, it is outside & wonderful.  A small group of us OG Barre Studio women are getting together to drink wine in the sunshine & catch up today.  Can’t wait.

In other news, a good friend of mine (and first a good friend of the studio) is in town this week from France. She’s half of our two member international barre family, and PS, we’re accepting more members.  Even better... I booked a week in Nice in September & she booked herself a weekend there as well.  Sure, I’ll meet you for dinner in the South of France.  Already can’t wait to stay in this dreamy Airbnb.

And if you’ve ever wondered how I travel so often on a barre studio salary.  Travel hacking.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I paid for a flight.  I got my dad into it & he has surpassed my focus with spreadsheets & a binder.  This is the websiteI used most often as a reference when I started.

It’s been a couple years now washing my face with a multi-step “Korean” approach.  I’ve definitely found a few things I love & keep repurchasing.  But hands down my favorite is this face wash.  I use it every morning & a little goes a long way.  It’s moisturizing, not at all stripping.  Every other morning I throw a very light exfoliating scrub on in front of it.

Finally, I ordered this to wear to 80’s Jazzercise Club Barre.  Oh yeah.

That’s it for now.  ☀️