Alll the Summer Barre News


Attention all planners:

The Summer Challenge starts July 1st & will run all of July & August.  Attend 15 classes in 2 months and take home the rewards of consistency.  Stay tuned for swag reveal...

That’s 15 classes in 9 weeks = 1.66 classes/week.  #doable #sodoable

New to studio challenges?  All you need to do is book online & attend.  We will track progress to 15 in the studio. 

Summer Fridays! 

5:30pm Barretending: July 5 & Aug 30
6:30pm Club Barre:  July 19 & Aug 16
All other Fridays:  5:30pm

Early-birds!  You’ve asked us for a repeat & we’re very happy to oblige.  Another 5 week 6:15am session has been added to the calendar.  Details here.

Summer Stretch!  July & August stretch classes have been added to the calendar.

Plan away 💕

- Melissa