Club Barre: 80’s Jazzercise Edition


Hi there 👋 me again, Emily.

Club Barre is back with a fresh new edition: 
80s Jazzercise!

Friday, June 14th @ 6:30pm

Join us for a vibrant, energetic class to start your Friday evening off right. Feel free to go all out in your favorite 80’s exercise pieces, the bigger, the better!  Think bright neons, legwarmers, sweatbands, big hair, leotards, and an inordinate amount of pep.

This class will be featuring the hottest hits from the 80’s, a fun freebie accessory, and a whole lot of energy. 👯

As suggested before, it's recommended to have already taken at least one barre class prior to attending Club Barre.  This class is booked using regular class credits.