Things I’m Loving


 • These beautiful sneak peak photos from our shoot with Lindsey Robinson Photography yesterday.  She’s basically barre family after shooting family photos for both Sara & Amber & now making us look good in the studio for the third time.

• Hearing nothing but amazing feedback from all of you about Barb & Stretch Therapy.  Her May classes have been added to the schedule. 

• The Village.  Have you watched it yet?  So good.

• These chopped salads from Aldi’s.  Im slightly addicted to the Sweet Kale & the Southwest.  And they’re like $2.50!

Beyond The Point.  My love affair with Book of The Month club continues.  This book is about three young women who go through West Point, written by a woman who was raised on campus.

• These cute sneaks I picked up this week at yes, Target.  Sigh.  Really should probably be banned from that store.

• That we are back in Challenge mode on Wednesday.  Challenge board going up today!

See you at the barre,