Happy Wednesday


Good morning,

I was up thinking & googling early this morning.  I spent last night with a few girlfriends & one of them commented on how relaxed I looked in the few pics I posted from my recent Hawaii trip.  I was relaxed, it’s vacation.

But my first & honest reaction to the compliment was, yeah, I was with my brother.

I realize I’m lucky to have relatively friction free friendships with both my brother & sister.  Turns out studies on sibling relationships show that during middle age 🙋🏼‍♀️ and old age, many wellness indicators (mood, health, morale, stress, depression, loneliness, life satisfaction) can be linked to how you feel about your siblings.

A Swedish study showed that by the time we are in our eighties, sibling relationships correlate to health & positive mood sometimes more strongly than relationships with friends or even adult children.

At any rate, I came home from this trip grateful, restored & ready to be back in the studio.

One of my favorite things to do with my sister is take a class side by side.  Do you have a sibling that has yet to check out the studio?  Shoot me a note with their name & email & I’ll comp her (or him!) a class so you can come together.  👯‍♀️

See you at the barre,