I Could Talk For Hours


Yesterday’s Forever35 podcast episode talked again about one of my favorite topics. Planners & lists & how we all organize all the things we need to get done.  Of course my sister & I immediately jumped on the phone & rehashed our current strategies...

My control center is my Rifle Co monthly planner.  (Shocking, I know).  I use the monthly view with colored sharpies.  I layer things on to the page according to a very specific priority...

Travel:  Challenge dates gets organized & then vacations (mostly family, then friends or solo) get blocked out asap.  My big trips are locked & loaded early in the year so they happen & life & studio do not get in the way.

Work:  The barre classes I’m teaching get added in purple.  Whiteout is a girl’s best friend as we move through the month & swap classes for coverage purposes.

Self-Care & Life: Any known appointments get added in black.  I’ve learned to pre-book ones that are important to me (doctors, dentist, massage, puppy obedience classes, standing dinner dates) so again, they happen

Workouts:  I take one extra workout class a week. I often book & plan the exact class in advance in which case it’s added as a black appointment so it’s prioritized.  If not, I circle the date each week in green to mentally set the placeholder in case I’m not able to prebook (some studios allow only 1 week of future availability).  I also often combine my workout with seeing a friend.

Any time leftover is up for grabs.  Up for grabs to either make plans with a friend, go away for a weekend, or stay in & do nothing... I’m an introvert & homebody, and seeing my month laid out ahead of time gives me clarity on when to grab precious recharge time.

This method works for me because it takes work, obviously, but also lifestyle & turns everything into non-negotiables.  I also can visually see if a week is going to be too much for me so I have clarity to say no to dinner plans & book them on a week where they’re a treat, not a to-do.

The weekly planner view is my daily to do lists.  I assign tasks out to myself to days where they make sense & I can see (from my monthly view) that I’ll have the time or be in the right place.  I looooove checking the done box.  Hello, challenge checkmarks.

A recent change for me is I leave my planner at home.  I used to carry it everywhere with me, but too much of anything can be a bad thing & I found myself addicted.  Yes, I would pull the car over to check something off a list.  Yes, I would sit unnecessarily long upstairs at the studio after class “playing” in my planner.

Now it lives at home & each morning we spend time together over coffee.  I translate the days to-do’s into my phone, admire my colorful monthly view handiwork, hug it & kiss it & tuck it back in its drawer.

How do you handle your planning?  Are you one of those fascinating people who keeps it all in your head?  Feel free to respond back to me.  Many of you often do & as you can see, this is a topic I could talk about for hours.

Happy planning 🤓

~ Melissa