Sun Kissed “Secrets”


Greetings from Los Angeles (Glendale, to be exact).  I arrived Thursday & have had precious time with my sister Shannon & her family.  I spent an afternoon with my best friend, we celebrated my Mom’s birthday, and Emily & I took Stretch Therapy at Shannon’s studio followed by Sunday brunch.  A pretty lovely trip home.  But hey, I head home tomorrow because have you heard?  There’s a challenge to get back to.

In other news... I’ve been giving it some thought.  Over the past two weeks I have had many of you comment on my skin.  That I look tan, that it looks youthful... umm, thank you.  But I have NOT been in the sun (hello, WNY) & am certainly not getting any younger.  I have, however, changed ONE thing & with so little forethought or research.

I typically use Clinique Stay-Matte Invisible Powder on top of moisturizer in the morning.  It was running out & I was too lazy to get to Sephora (but never too lazy for Target) so I picked up this $6 drugstore find in soft luminance.  Knock yourselves out.  I can’t guarantee it’s the special sauce, but it seems to add a subtle shimmer that reads as healthy looking.

On top of that, I swipe this bronzer/blush across my cheeks & eyelids.  But this is not a new addition (just an old fave). So when I get back from this moody weather trip to LA & you all think I look properly vaca’d, you now know my trick that I didn’t even realize I was pulling off.

May we all look sun kissed & smitten at the barre.  Meet you back there ~