January, Going Strong


Hey there,

I hope 2019 is treating you kindly so far.  We are 7 days into the January Challenge with roughly 90 names on the board so far.  The studio is bustling and inspiring.  As always, do not fear the waitlists, they are moving.

The following overflow classes have been added & more will come as needed:
Wed, Jan 9th @ 8:30am
Fri, Jan 11th @ 6:30pm
Sat, Jan 12th @ 11am
Mon, Jan 14th @ 8:30am

• In other news, my favorite new app is called Done.  The free version allows you to track 3 habits.  It makes very satisfying noises.  What I’m tracking?
1. Daily flossing (guilty)
2. Daily multivitamin (whyyy is this hard)
3. 15 days/mo without that glass of wine

• Every so often one of you asks how my capsule wardrobe is going.  It’s going strong.  The New Year can be a natural time to organize & purge.  Even with a tiny closet, I pulled ten items.  Rather than donating them as I usually do, a girlfriend inspired me to try Poshmark.  I like the idea of contributing to second hand (and away from) fast fashion.  Mindfully listing the items made me aware of how fortunate I am (and hopefully will make me equally mindful the next time I shop).

See you soon at the barre ~