It’s important to me that your experience in the studio is consistently nourishing.  A great, efficient workout, wonderful women, and an opportunity to care for yourself for 45 minutes free of as many outside distractions as possible.

With that in mind, a few studio reminders:

Cell phones must be silenced.  I do understand there are times when it makes sense to have them near you at the barre.  I do ask that if you need to check your phone or send a text, leave the room to do so.

Please refrain from holding private conversations during warmup, stretch, and during sets.  Talking between sets (or more often sharing a moment of exclamation) is just fine & encouraged.  It’s part of how we find & build bonds with each other in the studio.

Final stretching... for many, this is the only five minutes of the day where we stretch or privately put our head down & reflect.  If you cannot stay for all of stretching, please let the instructor know before class & quietly sneak out.  We will clean your mat so as not to disrupt your neighbor.

Thanking you in advance 💕