Sunday 5:30pm Overflows


Kids are back to school this week, and the rest of us back to the barre, apparently.

The September Challenge has been off to a strong start & it feels good to be solidly back in the studio.  Sunday 5:30pm overflow classes have been added for Sun, Sept 9th & 23rd.  Book away.

One of my goals this Fall is to continue to work on unplugging from my phone.  Anyone else?  The addiction is real.  Some of the time is of course necessary.  A lot of it is not.

I have things I want to accomplish or work on  (or dream up!) and could certainly carve out more time sans Instagram.  Not to mention my little app checking circuit (please tell me I’m not the only one with one of these).    A Girl, A Style’s article on being more mindful hit the nail on the head, especially her suggestions #2 and #4.

Happy unofficial start to Fall.
And see you at the barre,