It’s Stormy & I Love It


I know we are still a little ways out, but I’m looking forward to the studio fireplace on before class & opening windows after long barre.

Couple things!  These girls... they’ve made training & co-teaching a pleasure.  Caitlin is halfway through co-teaching & will be solo Tues/Thurs 7pmstarting Sept 25th.

And Emily??  Tonight’s the night.  👏👏👏 You’ll find her in the studio Mon/Wed evenings 5:30pm.

We are a third of the way through the challenge & there are about 70 of you on the board.  Love it.  Waitlists have been so manageable & there are available spots both mornings & evenings this week.  If you ever need help finding spots ... I’m your girl.

And finally, I’ve added a Thursday morning 8:30am this week.  Book away ~