Post Italy Musings


I had a wonderful trip & a busy week back in the studio.  While I did a ton of walking in Italy, it still is jarring to hit the barre after 10 days off.  Such a great reminder that this work works!  Sharing some finds from my week ... and looking forward to hitting the barre with all of you in September.

Interesting Saving Hack. Have you heard of the app Tip Yourself?  Link your checking account & each time you “tip yourself,” it transfers that dollar amount to a secure Tip Jar.  I love this idea.  Attend class?  Tip yourself.  Meet your daily water goal?  Tip yourself.  You could use this app to reward any behavior... save for vacation, shopping allowance, your next class package... you name it. 

A Few Hours to Yourself?  Go to the Regal Theatre by Target in OP, buy a small popcorn, take in a blanket & set yourself up all comfy.  Spend two hours wishing you were a Crazy Rich Asian.  I laughed, I cried & I want to learn to play mahjong.  It was seriously so cute.

Favorite Meal from Lake Como.  My friend Michelle asked the waiter at our favorite Bellagio restaurant what his favorite dish was.  And we both quickly ordered it.  Oh my god, recreate it!  I plan to.  Finish with lots of Parmesan & black pepper on top.

A Business Idea. I had fairly long layovers in Atlanta last week.  And it occurred to me... Yoga rooms have become popular, but I’ve never seen a true studio of any kind in an airport.  How great could it be to grab a class & a shower before your next flight.  I don’t want to open it 🙃 But somebody please do!

- Melissa