Here We Grow


As a rule, the last week I’ve heard a lot of sadness over Emily moving, only to be wildly overshadowed by the excitement for her.

Thank you, everyone, I’m grateful.  I’m also grateful for the generous gift she gave me of a lot of time to think about how to move forward.  Big, beautiful barre socks to fill here.

So, here we grow.  And in two very amazing ways.

I consider myself & the studio very lucky that I can “promote from within.”  Who better to empower to teach than people I know, trust & love.  Who have been in the studio long enough that they know the work & perform it beautifully.  Who love the class, studio culture & community.

That said.  Emily Saramak & Caitlin Queen are joining our teaching team.

Both Emily & Caitlin found the studio in 2015 & have been a strong, consistent part of the community ever since.  Both of their mothers are also in the studio... talk about barre family.  We are in various stages of the training & certification process, but you can expect to see Emily & I start co-teaching July 30th... with Caitlin fast on her heels.

We’re very excited about these two.  There will be moving pieces to the class calendar come September, so stay tuned.

Love, Melissa