BitterSweet Studio News


This girl.  💕

Our Emily has been offered the most incredible job opportunity in California.  And accepted it.  Emily has long been with working with Autism Services in Hamburg, a non-profit organization committed to outreach with autistic youth & adults.

She has now been offered a full-time position in Camarillo, CA to work hands-on with the special needs community.  While we will miss her dearly (so dearly), we could not be more excited for this next chapter for her.

Emily has been a member of the studio community for well over 3 years, and teaching with us for more than a year.  Our loss is most definitely the west coast’s gain. Her final class will be Wed, August 8th, so get your booty to her barre to give her a hug, congratulate her, steal her hair tips & get a final hour with this gem of a person.