Sunday 8am Overflow!


It’s almost that time!  The July Challenge starts Sunday.  For more details, click here.

The Sun, July 1st 9am waitlist is lengthy... an 8am class has been opened as well.  Please book / rebook as needed!

Speaking of waitlists, there are a lot of new faces in the studio, so I thought it would be helpful to do a Waitlist 101.  Here’s how it works & I first will say, do not fear the waitlist.  They move.

✔️ If a class is fully booked, you will be given the option of the waitlist.

✔️ Should someone cancel, you will automatically be booked & notified via email and/or StudioBookings app notification.

✔️ You can also see your Waitlist vs Booked status in the class calendar or your app schedule if you are ever unsure of your status.

✔️ This promotion will happen at least 4 hours prior to class time.  That is the latest that people can cancel, so it’s the latest you can get in off the waitlist.

✔️ Didn’t get booked?  That waitlist credit will be refunded back to your account after class time.

✔️ On the waitlist but changed your mind?  Your waitlist spot can be cancelled just like a regular booking in your online history or app schedule.

✔️ Separately, but related:  you can cancelclass up to 4 hours prior.  But you are welcome to book class right up until class time assuming there is space.

See you at the barre,