My Recent Findings


Happy Friday, ya'll.  Most mornings, I can be found starting my day early with coffee & a book or my blogs.  Friday is my dedicated day off, so sometimes this coffee hour extends way past its prime (like today)... and I don't hate it.  Thought I'd share a few recent favorites from the web & beyond.

Most favorite recent purchase.  Those Turkish Towels in the studio?  My personal collection of them is obscene.  And then I went & ordered this.  I legit feel like I'm on vacation or at a spa when I wear it.  I almost took it with me to a pool day this week, but thought that might be a touch too Hugh Hefner-esque.  It's the perfect summer weight.  Order one size up.

What I'll be doing tomorrow.  Going to see this.  Between being a voracious reader & loving slash idolizing Jane Fonda & Diane Keaton, I am ridiculously looking forward to making a treat of this for myself.  #selfcare

And speaking of reading.  My current summer must read list includes The Perfect Couple (I'm a sucker for a Nantucket novel) & Educated (I've heard nothing but great things).  In between buying books I can't wait to get my hands on, I'm a library girl & just returned Save The Date.  Circa 2014, not sure how I missed it.  Such easy chick lit.

Sugar Face.  So yeah... between my KBeauty obsession, reading this, and hanging out with my momma (who is sugar free)... exit refined sugar.  It's been almost 2 weeks now.  Yes, I had a mild withdrawal headache for 2 days.  Yes, I had that one day I binge ate Watson's sugar free chocolate (don't do it).  I do feel like my skin is a little brighter (who knows....) but I gotta believe this is a good move regardless.

And along those lines.  No added sugar?  No problem.  Our Ayurvedic chefs at our retreats create the most beautiful food.  These coconut macaroons were no exception.

What to do in July.  Nuff said.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.  And see you at the barre ~