Another S’well Summer


Just when one challenge ends, another begins.  I could get used to this.  You guys earn swag, I get to shop, and we all keep our barre practice summer strong.  Win win win.

I get the question, “How regularly should I be in the studio?”  In my moderate mind, 10 classes a month is a healthy goal & healthy number.  It’s manageable with life & travel, other workouts, other time restraints.

It’s a realistic commitment & yet also enough where you will feel the benefits of being consistent.  It’s also a flexible goal as opposed to more rigidly committing to EVERY Tuesday & Thursday, only to potentially break that commitment when life gets in the way.

So, here we go.  July Challenge ~

When? July 1-31

How?  Attend TEN classes in July & take home a tighter summer booty, AND... a S’well Traveler.  Loving this smaller, rounder water bottle.  Easy to throw in my bag & especially loving it for coffee.  Okay, and a margarita by the pool.  I’ve ordered it in 5 different styles.

New to Studio Challenges?
All you need to do to participate is book classes & attend.  That’s it!  There will be a challenge board in the studio to monitor progress to ten.

Saturday 10am classes have been added to the calendar along with additional Sunday times (some morning, some evening).

Book away!

See you at the barre ~