Salt Water Flushes & TMI


I recently did an Ayurvedic salt water flush.  I didn't even know what that was until last week, but my digestion has been very out of whack & I needed to get it back on track.  I'm sharing this in the hopes that it will be helpful to some of you.  I am very in tune with my digestion, which I consider both a blessing & a curse.

I went on antibiotics about 2 months ago... a 30 day cycle.  Two weeks in, my acid reflux was rearing it's ugly head.  By the end, my stomach was inflamed & uncomfortable and I really was feeling victimized, for lack of a better word.  I work hard to keep my digestion & health purring.

Two weeks later, after chugging all the kombucha, taking probiotics & eating very Ayurvedically, almost nothing but kitchari, kimchi & sauerkraut, I was still inflamed & not back to my normal digestion.  Enter the salt water flush.

Pick a morning where you have 2 hours of downtime.  On an empty stomach, drink 32oz of warm water mixed with 2 tsp pink Himalayan salt.  Shake well... and drink as fast as possible.  I was told to shoot for 5 minutes... it took me 16.

I'm not a water drinker, so this was a big feat for me.  Per instructions, I laid back down in bed on my side and waited.  28 minutes later, I could hear liquid gurgling in my stomach.

Apparently, once the saltwater enters the small intestines, muscle contractions push it the rest of the way down.  I had the urge to go the bathroom and (here we go, TMI), it was an unusually large bowel movement.  But!  Without pain, truly with little urgency... no stomach upset, no cramping.  I was told after the first movement, I could drink coffee, so I got back in bed with coffee & my book.  I had 3 more movements in the next hour and half, each one progressively becoming more water and less waste.  I honestly felt "flushed."

It's unclear how a salt water flush affects the microbiome (the good & bad bacteria that live in your gut).  There's no evidence showing it helps or harms the biome.  This was of concern to me & I have felt perfectly fine since.

I was advised to do this no more often than once every 3 weeks.  I am in ZERO rush to do it again only because I do not want to drink all that water again (it made me a little nauseous).  But I'm also in zero rush because it worked.  My inflammation is gone & my digestion is back to my normal.  I'm shocked, actually.  And happy to have this natural approach in my toolkit for the future.

Hope this found at least one helpful home ~