The Art of the Girls’ Weekend


I think I’ve almost perfected my recipe for the perfect girls’ weekend.  I spent last weekend in NYC with a close girlfriend & Saturday was wonderful, but by end of day Sunday we were patting ourselves on the back for a job well done.

The elements:

1.  A spa fix.  I’m a connoisseur of the less than mainstream massage.  Give me a Korean Spa with zero modesty & allll the bizarre rules of behavior & I will put the orange jumpsuit on & behave like a regular with glee.  This time I hit up Salon De Tokyo & it did not disappoint.  Yes, the locker room was strangely co-ed & the sauna was the size of a bunk bed that you have to climb into.  But the massage was painfully therapeutic & I left so happy about how weird it all was.

2.  Stellar meals, but girl food. Meals the men don’t really want to eat with you.  We had brunch at in Nolita, self proclaimed “cafe, juice bar & vegetable slaughterhouse.”  Think avocado toast benedict & turmeric lattes.  Girlie, and so good.  Almost every other meal was served in a bowl (of course) including  And no girls’ weekend is complete without calling chips, guacamole & margaritas “dinner.

3.  A workout (or two).  My newest favorite thing to do on my NYC trips is an intro ballet class at Ballet Academy East  In short, go.  No experience is needed.  You do need ballet slippers, and humility.  It is all levels, from beginners to dancers in pointe shoes, there to work on technique.  There is a baby grand piano in the corner & live accompaniment.  It’s so moving.  When the whole class bows to the pianist at the end, try not tearing up. I dare you.  I leave there feeling inspired.  We also checked out

4.  A major to-do. What better than the combined strength of two women to tackle one job that nobody wants to do?  We went bra shopping.  We hit Bloomingdales & both walked with 2 new bras.  It also sparked a weekend-long debate... I wear this strapless bra almost exclusively - under everything.  She seemed to think I’m the only woman on the entire planet opting to wear a strapless bra for no practical reason... someone must be with me?!  I just hate straps!  I did find two cute bralettes.  With straps.  Training wheels.

5.  A lot of relaxing.  Wewere in the city, so our typical hours on the beach with books were not going to get logged.  But we sunbathed in Central Park & people watched.  We were home both nights at 8pm watching a movie.  We walked and we talked.  10.2 then 10.3 miles, respectively (yes, we tracked ourselves).  We went to see Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty.  And while it’s definitely a comedy & does not have the strongest message I thought it might, it was hysterical.  Feels so good to laugh hard with a good friend