K Beauty, My Newest Jam

I’ll get right down to it.  My latest obsession?
K Beauty.  Thanks to the best podcast ever, Forever 35, I’ve become increasingly intrigued with Korean skincare.  And I’m the nerd that then goes & does research.  So here we go.

K Beauty is a seemingly complicated world of layering a million products.  Most traditional K Beauty regimens involve a minimum of 10-12 steps.  Can seem daunting.  But once you understand the basics... you’re left with this wonderful new thing you get to organize!  My happy place.

Here are the K Beauty basics.  Note:  all the products I’m using are not Korean, I'm slowly using up existing products first before I assuredly go all-Korean, all-the-time.

The Double Cleanse.  The Oil Cleanse.  Counterintuitively rub oil all over your face.  This I'm still getting used to & it always feels wrong.  Once massaged in, place a hot washcloth on your face, let briefly steam, then gently remove makeup.  I am using up some Argan Oil I had on hand.

Then... The Water Cleanse.  I am using & liking these Micellar water wipes from Trader Joe's.

Toning Essence.  This is the hydration step that I am not yet doing & really need to be.  I’m perhaps the most dehydrated person I know.  On my to do list...

Serums.  I just started using this Vitamin C serum eye cream.  Vitamin C seems to be a go to serum & touts all the anti aging fine line benefits.

Moisturizer.  I then layer on pink juice.  I like it but don’t love it.  I bought it solely because it’s Korean & pink (I know, killer reasons). It came in a box set with an overnight mask too & the packaging just reeled me in.

But I do love & may go back to Belif Aqua Bomb. I love that Korean moisturizers are often gel based and so light.  They feel hydrating.

I will, however, be trying this Peach Slices Aqua Glow first.  Can’t resist, it’s a serum & moisturizer in one.  PS I love all the K Beauty girlie product names.  Last month I visited a K Beauty shop in NYC and it looked like Hello Kitty exploded in there.

SPF.  The final layer & only needed in the morning (obviously).  I will probably try something else next out of curiosity but this Missha Sun Milk is thin & wears well, I definitely like it enough to return to it in the future.  Apparently, you're so last year if you're using a combo moisturizer & sunscreen.  Who knew?

Intrigued, like me?  This Glowing Up podcast episode breaks down K Beauty so, so nicely.

Wishing us all glass skin & barre booty’s ~