Those Books in the Corner


One of my intentions for this year was to read more.  And I already typically read 3-4 books a month.  But I truly find the more I read, the more calm & content I am.

My phone overstimulates me & I’m know I’m not alone here.  My newest trick is to leave it charging downstairs on silent when I’m done for the day.  On a good morning, I come down, grab my coffee, check my phone for “barre emergencies” then head back upstairs to read in bed before I start my day.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the mornings this goes flawlessly.

I’m sure some of you have noticed the little library slowly growing in the corner cubby.  I signed the studio up for the Book Of The Month club.  Each month, two new hard backs are arriving in the studio.  Please grab them, read them, return them, swap them for a new one.  The teachers & I have been passing them back & forth & it’s just so good for the soul (and the brain).

See you at the barre ~