Final Week & Other Ramblings


Today starts the final week of the “Spring” Challenge, ending next Wed, March 28th.  Waitlists have been really moving, but if you find yourself short a class or worried, please respond back to this email & let me help book you.  #whatimherefor

Hands down favorite find of the week?  The Forever 35 podcast.  I have become something of a beauty product addict of late & this podcast is two of your soon to be best friends talking self care shop.  Everything from serums to juicing, whole 30 to closet purging.  These two speak my language & they are freaking funny to boot.  I seriously continue to drive unnecessarily to keep hanging out with them, which is, yes, ridiculous.

I’m loving Grace & Frankie, a show I mentioned in a previous email.  Jane Fonda plays 70-ish Grace & is stunning.  Amazing style & yes, you can tell she’s had some “help,” but she looks age appropriately incredible.  I went shopping last weekend & caught myself trying on button down blouses & flowy cashmere cardigans, only to realize I was trying to emulate her.  Perhaps 30 years too soon, but still.  #goals

You all know I’m a planner.  So is my sister Shannon;  it’s a big part of why we work so well together.  We’ve recently been talking 2019 as retreat locations get booked a good year in advance.  And we’ve decided... this’ll be our final year in the Finger Lakes.  It’s time to mix up our shared offering.  In the meantime, 4 spots remain in our June 1-3 retreat & we’d love to have you join us.

See you at the barre ~