Screenshots, Anyone?


Probably like a lot of you, my camera roll is at any time a screenshot collection of what has sparked my interest that week either through morning coffee & blogs, Instagram, or midnight internet searches.  It becomes a to do list that I mostly never do.  Kind of like filling an online shopping cart & never buying the goods.  I screenshot classes to take, things to buy, things to cook... maybe do one or two of them, delete most & start over.  I find it oddly satisfying.  Thought I’d share a peek behind this week’s curtain:

1) My favorite new-to-me blog right now is & she has me almost convinced I need to empty my product drawer & start over.  Currently eyeing this tinted moisturizer and this mascara that is apparently second best to lash extensions (we can all buy it when Keely moves)

2) My favorite “cheap” white French wine, visual reminder to myself to grab another case for Barretending nights.

3) Really itching to take an adult ballet class that is drop in & with no recital pressure!  No, I do not want to be in a recital.  There’s a Thursday evening class in Buffalo I found here.

4) I love book recommendations from my favorite authors.  I follow Elin Hilderbrand on instagram & she recently recommended this, next on my list.

5) I’m always on the hunt for a new Netflix binge.  Jessica Alba recommended Grace & Frankie on instagram.  For some reason I feel like our tastes might be similar which is ridiculous

6) And this from my favorite food blogger.  I made it a couple years ago & forgot about it, it’s so good!  And rice noodles because #glutenfree

See you at the barre 💕