Proof of Abundance


Happy December Monday.  I had a really nice weekend filled with a holiday girlfriend dinner and a lot of really therapeutic time in the studio.  I recently read this that sums up so nicely one of the many ways the studio feeds me, maybe you too.

To quote, “As much as I love the shroud of quiet I get to pull over myself at the end of a long day of human interaction, community is also where I find the greatest tangible proof of abundance. I feel the most full - of love, of hope, of certainty that the world is fundamentally good - when I am surrounded by like-minded people working toward a common goal.”

In other news, am I the only person obsessed with this?  Do yourself a favor & watch the DWTS Juniors finale this coming Sunday at 8.  I promise you you will be glad you did.  These kids are incredible.

In holiday news, gift ideas:

✔️ Gift certificates are available in all class & dollar denominations.  They can be purchased in the studio or by phone, in which case they are mailed out the next day.

✔️ Barre Studio OnDemand gift certificates.  Contact Melissa to purchase.

✔️ 2019 Rifle Co planners.  Leftovers!  $20 in the studio.

See you at the barre,