January Challenge, 2019


I hate to brag, but oh man... these January Challenge sweatshirts.  Are you ready?  Let’s do this.

Attend TEN or more classes in the full month of January.  Start the year off right with a consistent, realistic, effective barre practice. And you’ll take home the sweatshirt & booty to prove it. 

New in 2019.  Tuesday/Thursday 8:30am permanently on the calendar. 

Barretending.  Hello, old friend, we’ve missed you.  Both Fri, Jan 4th and Fri, Jan 18th @ 5:30pm.  Barre followed by complimentary wine in the studio. 

Overflows.  Sat 10am, Sun 8am & Sun 10am all added to the January calendar.  

New to studio challenges?  To participate, just book & attend classes! There will be a challenge board in the studio to monitor progress to ten.

Have I mentioned New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday?  To fresh starts, shiny planners, new goals, updated dreams & new barre sweatshirts.  

To promise!  See you at the barre ~