A Grateful Heart


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the studio.

I find myself more grateful than ever this year that the people I love are safe & thriving.  I also find myself wanting to share that gratitude in the most basic of ways.

Hand written notes are a part of my love language.  I love writing them.  I’ve chosen 8 beautiful Rifle Co cards & assembled them in my living room into my own personal box sets ($16 value).

Today is Black Friday & as usual, my preference is to reward rather than discount.

December can be a difficult time to stay consistent in the studio. Attend just five classes in December & take a set home.  Enter 2019 armed to let the people in your life know how much they mean to you.

Call it a Mini Challenge.  Call it a commitment to “you time” throughout the holiday season.  Call it paying gratitude forward.  Call it a holiday gift from us to you.

We will track progress in the studio, as always.

Lots of love -
Melissa, Sara, Michelle, Taylor
Alex, Emily & Caitlin