Thursday is Thanksgiving


First, how?  But second, I can’t wait.

My favorite classes of the year are Thanksgiving morning.  There is still one spot open in the Thurs 8:30am.  And we added a Wed 8:30am as well with a few spots to grab.

I’m heading back to NYC again to eat & shop this holiday weekend.  Thanksgiving dinner here and Friday dinner with a girlfriend here.  I’ll torture myself in a humbling intro to beginner ballet class & hit a few Black Friday sales.

All the bloggers I follow are already coming out with gift lists ... does it just start earlier & earlier each year?  But these two felt worth sharing with a studio full of thoughtful women:

Need a $30 Secret Santa gift that feels oh so personal?

Or a gift for that grandparent, aunt, caregiver that loves your child like their own?

Enjoy this week, your families & your Thanksgiving traditions. 
~ Melissa