On Joy


A group of us got together at the studio heading into 2018 for an evening of vision boards.  Mine is above.  See the girl in the cute one piece jumping into the pool, upper right corner?  Yes, I actually did embrace one pieces this year, but that’s not why she’s on my board. I looked at that picture & realized (had been realizing) that I just really wanted more joy.

Brooklyn-based Ingrid Fetell Lee researched joy, and the differences & correlation between joy & happiness, in her book Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness. 

Her research shows that happiness is an overall opinion that we all make about how we feel about our lives.  It’s a long term view, both looking backward & forecasting forward.  How we feel about our career, our relationships, our health, our purpose.  It is such a big idea!  And perhaps a lot of pressure?

Joy is immediate & simple.  It’s an intense experience of positive emotion.  The teachers & I gathered at Alex’s house yesterday & watched a 3 month old puppy & a 6 month old kitten play & hiss & run circles around each other.  We laughed & exchanged smiles & experienced joy, together.  Sounds so simple because it is.

Joy has a significant impact on our well being.  There is research that states bringing small moments of joy into our daily lives reduces stress.  And that if we already are stressed, moments of joy can speed the recovery.  And sharing & experiencing joy with other people?  It’s shown to improve relationships.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.

See you at the barre this week ~