Holy Grail


This month has been packed.  From talking to many of you in the studio, I know I’m not alone in feeling that way.  My holy grail practice when life feels overwhelming?  I’ve said it before... waking up before everyone else on the planet.  I loved this article.  The ability to read or work or think without distraction only occurs for me in the wee hours.  And I embrace that.

When I think about the holy grail products in my life, these Rifle Co planners definitely are at the top of the list.  I live out of mine.  I’m always excited to share them with you each Fall.

Holy grail planner pens?  So good.  No bleed-through. 

Holy grail vacuum?  We use this in the studio & it has been a game changer.  Every night, the last teacher at the barre brings Roomba downstairs & he does his business. With the exception of weekly dusting, he runs the housekeeping show.  I bought one for home too that handles the transition from tile to hardwood to rugs seamlessly.

Holy grail hair product? I had a difficult period in my life a couple years ago & 6 months went by before I noticed half my hair had fallen out.  I talk to other women about this & know I’m not alone.  Therapy, time, and this serum every 2-3 days stopped the cycle.  Stress is no joke.  I’m very loyal to this stuff.

Always grateful to have your ears both in the studio & on the page.  See you at the barre for a feel good month - body, brain & spirit.

~ Melissa