My New Year’s Resolution: Progress


Heading into January, I didn’t have a firm New Year’s resolution.  Eating clean & getting more water are always on my list... but when I sat down to vision board, something popped out at me.  My mornings.

I used to have the strongest morning routine that I looked forward to.  Every night I programmed the coffee maker & made overnight oats.  And every morning, the alarm went off an hour before I needed to be in the shower.

I would grab coffee and get back in bed with breakfast & my blogs.  It was my FAVORITE part of the day.  No matter what happened from there on out, I knew I had an hour of me time under my belt.

This habit has faded for several reasons & I want it back.  I am ultimately a morning person.  There are things I do much more efficiently in the morning & there are also things that if I don’t do them first thing, they don’t get done all day.  Like moisturizing & adding collagen to my coffee.  Sitting quietly for an hour.

I’m also proud that we are six days into 2018, and I’ve been up early four mornings, not six.  Nothing is perfect.  I am setting myself up to fail if I expect flawless execution.  Progress & change are the real resolutions.

Happy New Year.  PS I have not been drinking more water.  But I did buy a humidifier... does that count???

See you at the barre,