StudioBookings FAQ


January Challenge complete!  EIGHTY FOUR of you finished, our most yet.  Very grateful for our strong, vibrant studio community.  Thank you.  💕

A busy month at the barre brings up lots of questions about our booking system.  So here goes!  StudioBookings 101.

Easiest Way To Buy & Book Classes?  The App.  MUCH more straight forward than the website.  Download the App StudioBookings, search for The Barre Studio & log in.

Why The App?  Easy booking & viewing of your class schedule.  Easy purchase of classes.  Waitlist notifications sent to your phone if promoted from waiting to booked.

When Will I Know If I Got Booked Off A Waitlist?  Theclass list locks in 4 hours prior to class due to our 4 hour cancellation policy.  If you do not show booked by this time, you unfortunately will not be.

What Happens To That Waitlist Class Credit?  It refunds back to your account after class time passes & you are then free to rebook it.

It’s Too Late To Cancel, But I Can’t Make Class, Do I Need To Let The Studio Know?  No.  Under certain, very early circumstances I can move things around with the heads up.  But please do not feel like you need to do so! 

My App Alerts Me That Class Starts In 1 Hour... 5 Hours Early.  This seems to affect some, but not all.  My advice is to turn this notification OFF.  You can do so in the Notification Menu in your APP.  But keep the Waitlist notification ON!

The StudioBookings web version looks different.  Yep!  They just completed redesign of the web version to be more phone / tablet friendly. The prior “tabs” have been replaced with a calendar icon, shopping cart (store) icon, and class schedule icon.

sometimes feel like I work for StudioBookings with the amount of feedback I give them.  Not entirely sure if they love me or hate me... but if you find points of pain, feel free to share them with me as I spend more time on the backend than the client side.  It’s important to me that you have a good experience with our studio, and that includes the ease of booking.

See you at the barre,