I find myself thinking a lot about balance lately.  A friend & I met for brunch today & as we chatted away & caught up, it became an underlying theme.  My hope is that the studio is a place that provides you with & encourages balanceBoth physical & mental.

First things first, have you had Carte Blanche’s brunch yet?  I had the cheesy bacon wrapped shrimp & grits, so good... But you better believe my dinner tonight will be far lighter as a result.  Balance.

Physically speaking, barre work increases your balance & strengthens your core.  This helps to prevent injury & improve posture.

But here are the real kickers:  balance exercises also support mental clarity & ease anxiety. Think about the mind body connection you’re using to fire your muscles & hold you still.  Then couple that with the fact that you almost have no choice but to remain mentally present to do so.

I digress.  That specifically is not what we talked about over our beautiful brunch.  If that were true, no one would ever want to hang out with me.  We discussed work & life & the things that pull on our time, our hearts & our sense of self.  The things that make you very happy, but to the degree that you don’t let them overwhelm you & create unhappiness.  It’s a delicate balance.

Heading into this final challenge week, I find myself teaching 11 classes.  This is significantly more than I usually teach, but I love doubling down at the end.  Energy in the studio is high & infectious, I enjoy being there when so many of you finish.  And then I’m heading away for a little vaca.  For some balance!

Home stretch.  The challenge ends next Sunday the 28th.  See you at the barre ~