Organization Is My Jam


I thrive off organization, always have.  Hence the Fall Challenge planners.  There are mornings where I stand at the kitchen island “playing” in my planner for an hour.  It calms me, finding every to-do it’s rightful home.

A few years back my basement flooded & I lost all my printed pictures, yearbooks, etc.  I started feeling very panicked (ha, yes, not an exaggeration) about all these iPhone photos floating around on old phones, my current phone & my iPad.

I’m someone who had a checkbook register as a child, as inbefore I had a checking account.  For my allowance.  So this scattering of unorganized memories was really troubling me.

Now I print an annual photobook.  About once a month, I upload the photos I care about to the Shutterfly app (and delete the rest) from my phone.  I organize them into folders by month in the app so at the end of the year it is pretty easy (and fun) to put the book together.

They are stacked in a cabinet upstairs, not in the basement.  I’m not a big photo taker, so the process reminds me to take photos on vacations, document the time.  It also keeps my camera roll on my phone clean which keeps me calm.  (I know).  You do what you gotta do to keep the cray at bay.