Benefits of Barre - Endurance


One of the beautiful benefits of a consistent barre practice is increased endurance.  You'll feel this in the studio as you are able to stay in sets longer, push yourself deeper.  The first time people get through long barre or glutes without taking a count off is very often a proud moment.

But you'll also find this increased stamina extend outside the studio.  This is because barre targets muscles that are often neglected in traditional strength training - we're strengthening those muscles you didn't know you had to support you in all other sports & day to day activities.

Skiers & snowboarders may notice better balance and quad strength, making intense runs easier on the legs.  Runners in the studio often report faster times & longer distances.  I myself feel it when I hike - what will stop me for a moment is my heart rate or a beautiful view, not my tired legs.

See you soon at the barre ~