My Obsession Continues


You may remember back in the Spring, I tore my closet apart & created a capsule wardrobe.  I haven't looked back.

Well... I recently did the same with my kitchen.

What did I find?  2 colanders, 3 sets of mixing bowls, 2 full sets of both dinner plates, salad plates, bowls.  Appliances & gadgets I've never used.  Serving dishes I had to have from home goods but still had the price stickers on them.  2 Cake stands for this gluten free girl, a million cupcake liners.  Blender, food processor, nutribullet... All for she who rarely blends & claims to need a vitamix.

I got honest about what I really use & all the excess is waiting for a new home at the Salvation Army.  I was actually a little embarrassed dropping off what looked like (and was) an entire kitchen.  An entire extra kitchen hiding behind the one I actually need & want to look at.

I had the upper cabinets removed & instead opted for an open shelf.  I cleaned out the lower cabinets & drawers before refilling them with thought (1 jar of each spice rather than 3 half empty ones... 8 tea towels rather than 20).  A new faux leather crate now holds tinfoil & clingwrap & extra dish soap under the sink.  I keep opening the cabinet to admire it.

I promise I'm not going to rid myself of all worldly possessions & move to an ashram.  But I am enjoying fine tuning what I really need & ultimately want.

To read more on my kitchen capsule inspiration, go to:

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