New to Barre? What NOT to Worry About


I often hear from new women in the studio that they were nervous or a little intimidated to come to their first class.

First off, if you're new -

There are all shapes, all sizes, all ages, and all fitness levels in the studio.  And that is how we want it.

We instructors work out with you all week long, but also have real bodies & similarly often workout to make up for eating too much cheese or taking that vacation... There is no quest for perfection, just for solid health & fitness & the goal of feeling good in your own skin.

Some women in the studio have dance backgrounds, most do not.  Some women are flexible or decked out in Lululemon, most are not.  Some of us brush our hair & put on makeup, most do not.  It's an exercise class.

The studio is a welcoming & quietly motivating space.  You will not be personally called out to pulse lower.  You will not feel watched, and you really won't watch the instructor after the first couple classes, there's a privacy that occurs within sets in which everyone is very focused on themselves & their body.

We will, however, remember your name.  We will remember you went away last week on vacation.  We will get to know your usual spot at the barre & notice if your sister or mom signs up.  We will care that you enjoy it & be very happy that you keep coming back.