Growing Pains


My left glute was talking to me all last week in foldover.  "You're overusing me..."  It started as a whisper & then sure enough, it finally yelled.

Building muscle is hard work.  The body will naturally repair new tears, but not always without a little love.  Aches & pains are common, especially if you're in the studio a little more often, in that stage of lifting & carrying small children, sitting at a desk all day long... if you're tired or stressed.  Basically if you're living

I'm often asked in the studio how to treat new aches.  My go to is deep tissue massage.  It creates blood flow, reduces muscle tension, and equally as important, it releases oxytocin & serotonin into the body.... These chemicals create feelings of rest, happiness & contentment (yes, please!)

I got two last week. That's unusual for me & may sound indulgent, but I've become better at listening to my body.  And it prefers the massage table to the doctors office.  And my glute is happily quiet again for now.

A friend turned me on to this place several years ago & it's the best.  $50 for a 50 minute massage.  They even take wellness cards, just like we take at the studio. 

Massage Therapeutic Arts