Two Minutes, Free Dance


In 2011, I attended a week long yoga retreat in Greece.  We started each day with a yoga class in a lovely studio on a hill. Check.  We were fed amazing chef-prepared Cretan meals. Check.  I took off every afternoon by myself to read on the beach & grab a glass of wine in the sun. Check.

We ended each day with a dance therapy class.  No check.  I most certainly did not know this was on the agenda when I booked the retreat.  Every evening, I danced my anxious little heart out surrounded by European women who swayed & emoted, and worse - enjoyed it!

Sometimes we sang.  Sometimes there was a drum circle.  Sometimes the reward at the end of class was "two minutes, free dance!"  I was in my own very vulnerable version of hell.

I will never do it again.  But nonetheless, I came home with a post-retreat glow, missing those women & the time and opportunity to rest.  One of my now closest friends I met that week.  We bonded over eye rolling, exasperation & feta.  We have since revisited that tiny Greek fishing village together (sans dance therapy), and will again.

When my sister Shannon & I decided to launch a retreat offering, our rules were simple.  Create enough structure to feel purposeful.  Enough space to feel relaxing & personal.  Enough care-taking to feel indulgent.  We love hosting, we love attending, and we miss the women & the shared experienced almost as soon as it ends.  And we will never make everyone pick an emotion, then mime it. 

Pictures from last weekend's Finger Lakes retreat:

And we are proud to say our September Finger Lakes weekend made Barre Blog's list of Stunning Barre Retreats Worth Registering For in 2017.  5 spots still remain.