Q&A: How Many Classes per Week??


Question: Ideally, how often should I be in the studio?

Answer: 2-3 times per week

Two classes per week is doable for most of us with our schedules, and you will feel & see results from being consistent with this number.

But what I often hear from regulars is that 3rd class makes the difference between feeling good & feeling great. It's why we run quarterly challenges... the challenges encourage that occasional 3rd class, giving your body an opportunity to feel the difference.

The keys are movement & consistency. We have some clients in the studio almost daily, and those that take a day off in between to walk, go to yoga, spin (or rest)! Find what works for your body & you LIKE. I think we often forget how critical that last piece is.

As always, we are happy to provide motivation... The next challenge will begin mid-June and will be structured a little differently to accommodate all our busy summers. Details out soon!