My Current Obsession


Maybe it's Spring Cleaning. Maybe it's trying to keep it simple at a time when I sometimes feel a little powerless. But have you heard of Capsule Wardrobes? Carefully creating one is my most recent obsession.

Regardless of how often I'm in the studio, I have them (we all do) -- those days where it seems nothing in my closet fits right or the moments where I do not feel as confident as I want to and should.

You guys, I ATTACKED my closet this week and I'm not gonna lie, it was a little brutal. Haven't worn it lately, or worse, wore it but felt less than in it? Bye bye.

What remains are ONLY items I feel great in that work for MY body. We're talking maybe 20 pieces. Yes, I now have some thoughtful shopping to do, but who knew that feeling of having "nothing to wear" would go away when I stopped focusing on what isn't working, and focused instead on what is.

If you're intrigued, read on...