But I'm Not Flexible...


Myth: You need the flexibility of a dancer to take a barre class.

Truth: Barre's powerhouse of active & static stretching will increase your range of motion, no matter your current level.

Some of us are flexible, but not strong. Or strong, but not flexible. Barre teaches your body to be both. The healthy combination of the two promotes a more active lifestyle into later years with fewer injuries.

Most of our work at the barre is composed of active stretches. It may not feel like you're stretching while your muscle is wildly burning and shaking, but while one muscle burns, an opposing muscle is actively stretching to hold it there.

Think Back To The Barre Leg Lifts -- we are actively stretching the hamstrings while firing & working the quads.

Think Foldover Glutes -- we are actively stretching the hips while firing & working the glutes & hamstrings.

In between sets & at the end of class, we also engage in static stretching (a good 30 seconds or more in a lengthening position). These stretches give the muscles a chance to fully release & help reduce stress in the body.

All in, barre work sculpts & elongates your muscles simultaneously. It also increases blood & oxygen flow to soft tissues, i.e. improving your flexibility. Over time, you'll notice your hands easily reaching your toes or the floor, your heels lower in down dog. These milestones are exactly the progress we are looking for.