Barre Swap, Anyone?


I had an interesting question come my way this week.  Would I know of any women in the studio who might want to babysit swap?

Well, I didn’t.  But what an interesting idea... What if you could create an arrangement with another mom where one watches the kiddos while the other hits the barre.  Then reverse.

Most of you live close to the studio.  Most of you I know & trust more than enough to put you in touch & let you take it from there.

If this is something that sounds like it could help you carve out studio time for yourself, shoot me a note & if possible, I’ll make introductions over email.

In other news:  Challenge begins tomorrow!Overflow classes added:Tuesday 1/2 8:30amThursday 1/4 8:30amSunday 1/7 8am

Happy New Year & see you at the barre,