The Work Gets Better


One of the things I often say in the studio is the good news is you’ll get used to the work & flow of the class... the bad news is the work will get harder.  I realize this can sound intimidating...

So I’ll clarify.  The work stays the same.  It doesn’t get harder, you get stronger.  It’s the beauty of the technique... there’s always room to challenge yourself. Which begs the question... how?

Find that shake or burn as quickly as possible.  Don’t wait for it to find you at the end of the set.  Sit down deeper, pop your heels higher.  Find that zone earlier in the set & stay there longer - this makes the difference between tiring & exhausting that muscle, and exhaustion is the goal.

Listen to postural cues.  Yes, we instructors are talking on the beat to keep us all on point, but more importantly, we’re throwing out corrections & suggestions to maximize the set.  You can get that leg straighter, you can point the toe & engage the quad, you can lift your clam higher.

Stop yourself from stopping.  That moment your brain tells you to pop out of the set a couple counts?  That moment you want to drop your leg in foldover?  The strength lies in staying in the set. Next time try to modify for a few counts rather than stopping.  Then amp it right back up.

The work does get harder.  But it also gets better.  It gets better because you become stronger, physically & mentally.  It gets better because you’re making time for YOU. And it gets better because you’re surrounded by other women who are all doing the very same thing.

See you at the barre,