Barre Babies


I often get asked if it is safe to attend classes while pregnant... after 2.5 years in the studio & a growing family of barre babies, I can confidently tell you yes.  We now have our own Michelle teaching classes at 20 weeks & a few of you rocking bumps alongside her at the barre.

Barre’s low impact movements can be ideal for keeping your changing body healthy, strong & flexible.  That said, doctors will advise against starting anything new while pregnant.  But if you’ve already been attending, you’ll usually get the green light to continue when ready.

Our barre babe Nicole Monin worked out all of her last pregnancy with baby girl Olivia, right up until her final week.  The combination of working out & the community of women can serve to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and build strength for labor & delivery.

“First and foremost, I was so grateful to be able to work out during this last pregnancy, some women cannot and I was grateful that I could,” says Nicole.  “The hardest part for me was towards the end of the pregnancy when I started to put on the weight; carrying that extra weight and being in releve on my toes proved to be challenging!  But I loved the classes and love the feeling after and just kept pushing forward.  I knew I could do it and everyone in the class was so motivating.”

Additionally, regular workouts while pregnant are shown to boost immunity & energy, promote better sleep & improve recovery after childbirth.  Nicole has been back in the studio on the regular the last 8 months & is now 2lbs away from her pre-Olivia weight.

“Honestly, I feel like I maintained a lot of my shape and booty,” says Nicole.  “Being fit and active allowed me to not gain so much weight with this second pregnancy. To be exact it was about a 10 pound difference in weight gain and I firmly believe it was all due to working out and being consistent with barre.  Additionally my pregnancies are always high risk and being healthy and fit and consistent with these classes allowed me to have a very healthy pregnancy through to the end.”

Health & strength are two things this momma of two, Mallory & Olivia, appreciates as her family is her world.  She’s a busy mom, operations manager at Buffalo MRI, and she & her husband Michael have chickens, bees & an annual honey harvest.  “Being happy is just who I am.”

Please let us know of pregnancies in the studio when you are ready to share and we will modify your core work as needed.  Our goal is to help you work to strengthen as your energy allows, but also to allow you to feel comfortable resting when needed.