Thanksgiving 🍂


Oddly enough, I’ve spent more Thanksgivings as an adult without my family than with them, yet it still remains a favorite holiday.  In my past life, the stock market was (is) open the following day so it was never an easy time for me to fly back home to LA.  It became a time for me to celebrate with friends or be alone & I’ve come to appreciate that.

This year I’m again teaching two classes Thanksgiving morning.  They are hands down my favorite classes of the year, and about full, so it’s obvious I’ll yet again get to celebrate with friends.  Thank you. I’m then off to NYC for a weekend of putting my head down, walking my booty off & reconnecting to me in a city I still think of as a home.

We’ve added a Friday morning 9:30 class if you want to work off that turkey, and the rest of the normal weekend classes are on the schedule as well.

However you are celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Barre Studio.  Grateful!

Love, Melissa