Get to Know Emily McCreary


Emily found the studio in late 2015 and has been frequenting the barre ever since.  We bonded early over our CA upbringings, now still over so much more, and finally moving her from student to teacher was the most natural of transitionsIt’s not easy to join a fiercely connected tribe of five teachers, but Emily did so effortlessly.  As an instructor, she is confident but relaxed, intentional but lighthearted.  As a friend, she is easy to admire.  The studio is a sacred space for her - a workout, a hideout, a family.

I once overheard her comment to Alex, “If I could, I’d be in the studio every day.”  Note to self:  hire this girl.  So overwhelmingly glad I did.

You can find Emily at the barre Saturdays 10am, Tuesdays 7pm & Wednesdays 9:30am.  Please read on & enjoy... Melissa

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born and raised in California, and moved a lot growing up. I've spent time in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania and New York. My mom is from Buffalo, so landing here to finish college was comfortable. I graduated 2 years ago from Buffalo State with a degree in Sociology. My initial plan was to become a teacher as I love working with children, but my fascination with the social world steered me in a different direction. Since then, I have been a nanny and held positions in social work; I currently work at Autism Services. I have always had a heart for the special needs community and feel so fortunate to be able to spend time with them for a living!

What originally brought you to the studio & what made you want to teach?
Before coming to the studio, I had never taken barre. A friend visiting me from NYC discovered our studio here in Hamburg, and we quickly signed up to take a class. I was in the process of looking for something new to bring into my routine, and barre quickly filled that void. Between the kindness of the instructors, the workout itself, and the gorgeous ambiance of the studio I was hooked! Teaching was always in the back of my mind as something I'd love to pursue, but never knew how to bring that into fruition. I loved the conversation between instructors & clients, and the workout was something I genuinely enjoyed doing. When Mel approached me to teach, I didn’t hesitate for one second - I knew I wanted to be in there as much as I could!

Most rewarding part of the job?
After my first class, I was struck by the sense of community and welcomeness within the studio. It is so rewarding to feel that I play even a small role in building a community of women who love, accept, and confidently support one another. I love getting to know the barre family and creating a safe place to laugh about our day-to-day lives, or how hard the thigh set was! The relationship and bonds built with the other instructors is an added bonus :)

What do you do in your free time?

Summer is hands down my favorite season- my favorite thing to do is bask in the sun or float in the water somewhere! If I'm not taking a weekend away with my girlfriends, you can find me exercising or cozied on the couch with a big book and lots of coffee! Food, friends and simple evenings are where I thrive.