Advice Taken


One of the most interesting things I’ve done so far this year is meet with a clairvoyant.  I went into the meeting curious; I wouldn’t say I was skeptical, more like uninformed, but I came out intrigued.  I’ve gone to see therapists at certain points in my life & in some ways this felt similar... except here I did more listening than talking, which felt like a healthy indulgence.  

I will go again.  I did not walk away changed or with some life altering clarity, but I did walk away feeling seen.  Some thoughts found support & some questions bore repeating, but not by me.  I will share one piece of advice that I took, came home, and ran with.  

My bedroom needed a good cleanse.

I’m sure she meant smudging, but I needed more.  The furniture was from two relationships & ten years ago.  I had put care & change into almost all other areas of my home, but not here.  I have some soul searching to do, don’t we all, and had I been assuming that because I live alone, I didn’t still need this space to be MINE?

I framed photos, not of people, but of happiness.  The other piece of advice I have since been meticulous with is fresh flowers in the house, and my current choice is baby’s breath.  Yes, the stuff of single rose bouquets & prom corsages.  But guess what, it’s oddly modern looking & seems to live forever.  My room feels very much like me.

Some of us were talking in the studio recently about whether you were allowed in your parents’ room as a child - or whether you allow your children now into yours.  I was raised without the open door policy. I still feel like I should ask to enter their room when I visit & I'm 43.  Hell, I have a baby gate at the bottom of my bedroom stairs to keep my pup out.  Crazy much? 

Thanks for listening.  The final week of the challenge starts today.  The AC is off & the fireplace will be on soon & there’s no shortage of barre socks to keep our feet warm.  The little things!

💕 Melissa

Back at the Barre


Hi all ~ 

I’ve been back in town 5 days & taking my fifth class tonight, celebrating Caitlin’s first year of teaching.  Anniversaries involve the girls kicking my booty, me crying a little at how well they now do that, then a bite out together.  So looking forward.  

Barretending is this Friday if you find yourself in need of a 5:30 workout & 6:15 complimentary vino.  If you’ve never attended, these book with regular class credits & are really such a nice way to kick off the weekend.  

A Saturday Stretch Therapy class has been added for Sat, Oct 12th at 10am if you’ve been curious to try one, but Sundays don’t work.  It’s a treat for the body & mind.

And did you happen to see Step Out Buffalo’s beautiful writeup last week?  These truly are the things that make our studio unique & I love that they noticed that & captured it.  It should be obvious that you will get a good workout, and you do.  But what keeps most coming back is the workout wrapped up in warmth, community & motivation.  And we pride ourselves on it.  

Twelve days left in this Fall Challenge with 32 classes on the calendar.  See you at the barre, my friends.

💕 Melissa

Murphy’s Law

Hi all ~ 

I’m out of town in this week, which naturally means something is going to need some attention.  Murphy’s Law?

The StudioBookings APP is having issues processing credit cards.  The IT team is aware of the issue & working on it.  In the meantime, the store in the web version is working.  So if you have had an issue, take comfort in the familiar mantra:  it’s not you, it’s me. 

Yes, there’s a challenge going on.  I woke up early by NY standards (6am) and embarrassingly late by French standards (noon).  Yesterday’s travel & jet lag got the best of me, so I worked out along with you all. Anytime, anywhere.  And no, I don’t always do this, but it sure is a Nice option (pun not intended, but then happily intended). 

I’m staying in Old Town (Vieux Nice), off of Cours Saleya, a lovely daily flower & food street market. The cobblestone village is lined with restaurants & shops.  The beach is lined with beach clubs for me & my books (onetwothree) to hunker down.  I was here about 10 years ago & have been itching to come back.  For solo travel, it is truly my anonymous speed.

That’s it for now.  Enjoy your upcoming weekends & see you soon.
~ Melissa

Smart Stuff Makes Me Happy


Happy Friday.  I’m looking forward to a beautiful weekend ahead with a wedding (congrats, Hannah 🥂) and some always appreciated studio time.  I’m loving teaching the Sunday 8am/9am double as it means I see a lot of you & a good cross section of morning & evening regulars.  

I was listening to a podcast recently that spoke about different personality types & how we tackle expectations (including the ones we put on ourselves).  It hit home for me.  It’s often easier to completely meet a goal if someone else is helping to hold you accountable.  The Challenges have become a big part of studio life & we love it.  Fall Challenge starts Monday.  

Are you using the StudioBookings app?  If you’re not, you should be.  Easy class booking & access to your class schedule.  The app also keeps you logged in & sends you notifications if promoted off a waitlist.  

Okay, enough about barre.  How amazing do these little cabins look? They have them in the Catskills & outside of Cleveland.  I’m tempted to take the pup & a stack of books some weekend & seriously unplug.  Brilliant.

I’m on birth control, like a lot of us, and my health insurance would dispense one month at a time that I had to go pick up.  This can add difficulty if I’m on vacation near the end of a pack.  Simple Health took my current prescription details & now sends me 3 packs quarterly in the mail.  When my existing RX ran out, they extended it another year just through updated blood pressure numbers. One less errand.  #impressed

Loving these for travel.  At home, I’m a double cleansing girl, an oil cleanser then retinol cleanser.  But these Face Halo pads are amazing & seriously get all the makeup off.  No spilled products in my bag & then pop them in the laundry to reuse.  Smart stuff makes me happy.

That’s it for now.  Enjoy your weekends & see you at the barre.
~ Melissa

Fall Feels 🍁🍂


So, I can’t lie, I love Summer.  I’m a July baby, I was raised in LA, and my favorite weather is sundress weather.  HOWEVER, Fall & back to school gives me all the feels on the organizational front.  I love routine.

This is our fourth year with these planners in the studio.  They’re pretty perfect.  They run 17 months (Aug 2019 through Dec 2020) so you can get right into them.  A monthly view, weekly to do lists... oh, and stickers.  Let’s do this, Fall.

Fall Challenge ~
Attend TEN classes in FOUR weeks
Mon, Sept 16th through Sun, Oct 13th
And take home:
• A healthy Fall routine
• A Rifle Co 2020 Planner
• A re-energized desire to stay consistent

Our challenges are ten classes in one month for good reason.  Challenge yourself to more & you may fall short halfway through.  Challenge yourself to ten & I promise you, you will feel what consistency feels like on your body.  

New to Studio Challenges? All you need to do to participate is book classes & attend.  That’s it.  There will be a challenge board in the studio to monitor progress to ten.

See you at the barre,

Long Weekend Reading


Happy Labor Day, everyone.  Alex & Amber are out of town this week so I’m running the morning barre one man show & hey, kind of loving it.  An occasional barre binge never hurt a girl.  Wherever you are & whatever you are up to, I hope this Monday finds you relaxed & happy.

The Summer Challenge ended Saturday & 48 of you finished.  Love it.  There are extra Aloha Collection items for purchase should you desire.  

In studio news, this sale ends tonight at midnight.  Feel free to load up for Fall & beyond.  

Have you been curious to check out Stretch Therapy?  Barb’s September letter includes a quick glimpse into one of the Daily Five stretches.  

Unrelated but important... have you heard of the #amazonnightgown?  One of my favorite bloggers, Grace Atwood, has this Amazon dress trending.  I’ve yet to order one but it does look like the comfiest late summer dress ever.  And I am seeing it on every other Instagram influencer.

Speaking of Grace, she is co-host of the Bad On Paper Podcast.  They recently reviewed Three Women & interviewed the author Lisa Taddeo who spent 8 years researching three women’s complicated sex lives.  Just ordered it through the studio’s Book Of The Month subscription, so it’ll hit our shelf soon.  It’s getting incredibly polarizing reviews.

Our evening retreat in East Aurora is filling beautifully. There are about twenty of us so far & room for more.  The MUSEjar Loft space is just stunning & we are looking forward to a wonderful night with equally wonderful women.

See you at the barre,
~ Melissa

Some Labor Day Love ❤️


We only do this once a year... and what better time than heading back into Fall routines.  Sorry Summer, Fall’s my favorite.

Please take 20% off all class packages, this weekend only, with the promocode BARRE20.

Sale ends Monday, Sept 2nd at midnight.

• Is Stretch Therapy included?  Yes!  20% discount is currently reflected in the store prices, no need for additional promocode.

• Wellness cards are accepted, but need to be run manually.  Please contact the studio to process.

• Existing unlimited member?  Any additional purchase will further extend your package expiration date.  

See you at the barre!
~ Melissa 

An Evening Retreat


Join us for a Fall Evening Retreat 

MUSEjar Loft
21 Elm St, East Aurora

Sat, Oct 19th


Barre & wine
Cheese & charcuterie

Please bring a mat.
Loft doors open at 6:30pm.  
Class starts promptly at 6:45 to then allow for two full hours of the good stuff.


$39 per person
Party of Two: $70
Party of Three: $100

* Reservations are non-refundable.
* Event will be gluten-free.

Reserve Your Evening Retreat Spots Here

Summer Fridays


Happy Friday, ya’ll.  It’s been a beautiful week on Seneca Lake with my fam, headed back to life & all things barre on Sunday.  I hope your weeks inspired you & your weekends bring you butterflies.  #goals

• When I travel, I read.  Fave book of the trip was Tell Me Everything.  Netflix bought the rights to this debut novel in early 2018 (and the book just hit shelves this June).  Umm, go Cambria Brockman.  This is Gossip Girl meets murder mystery & lived up to the hype.

• We largely spent this week sitting on the dock by day, making & enjoying dinners on the deck, and camped out as a family on the couch by night.  This vacation’s show de jour?  Born This Way.  It’s moving & funny, inspiring & family friendly.  Highly recommended.  

• When your sister is wearing them & your favorite bloggers are linking to them, you order them.  Celine knockoff sunglasses for the $11 win.  I ordered in 3 styles & loved not worrying about breaking them or dousing them in sunscreen this week.

• And in other influencer inspired news, oh, Shhhowercap.  Instagram made me buy you & you are one of my favorite purchases year to date.  I tried so hard to get these into the studio for the Summer Challenge; sadly, no go.  But if you’re in the market for a $43 showercap, I can’t believe I’m saying this but they really are worth every single penny. 

• Meanwhile, back in the studio... August, September & October Stretch Therapy workshops have been added to the StudioBookings calendar.  After sleeping in a strange bed all week, this is calling my name!

See you back at the barre 💕

When The Sun Goes Down…


Hi barre babes 👋
It's your favorite Hamburg DJ, Emily.

I hate to even type this, but we've only got a few weeks left of peak summer.  When trying to come up with the August Club Barre theme, I kept reverting back to how many of my summer evenings have been spent - out on the porch, feet kicked up, drink in hand, and country music playing.  And oddly enough, I don't always love country music!

But even I'll admit, it's a summer vibe.  I want to recreate that feel-good atmosphere for our last Club Barre of the summer with a porch country-themed music night.

When:  Friday, August 16th @ 6:30pm

After this class, we'll be going back to every-other-month Club Barre classes, so our next themed-music class won't hit the schedule until October.

As always, it's recommended to have already taken at least one barre class prior to attending Club Barre. This class is booked using regular class credits.

Remember that with summer coming to a close, schedules change, spots open up, and your name can easily make its way off the waitlist into the class, so feel free to sign up even if the class fills.

It’s August, Ya’ll


August... Summer is just flying.  My sister Shannon & her family arrived last night from CA & we are heading out to the Fingerlakes to enjoy this fleeting season.  Whatever you do this coming weekend & wherever you are, I hope you do the same.

• I’ve been very loyal to Lululemon Align for almost 5 years now.  But lately I’m buying Athleta Elation 7/8.  Four reasons 🤓:
1. Thicker material
2. The waistband doesn’t roll down when I move, which let’s face it, we’re moving.
3. Ankles that fit snugly!  Lulu ankles gape on me.
4. Athleta is a Gap brand.  They don’t offer the constant 40% off promos, but I have a Gap Card I use to buy all our studio sweatshirts.  I then use those reward dollars toward Athleta.

• Wednesday:  favorite day of the week.  I teach barre in the morning, then play bridge with my 80-something friends at ZJ’s Restaurant.  We play cards for 4 hours, swap books, talk about everything, seriously laugh our butts off & eat lunch.  ZJ’s does such a good job on the gluten free front.  My recent favorite is a patty melt on gluten free rye.  Like I said, fave day.  Run, don’t walk.

• Moxie.  If you’re in my morning classes, you’ve watched me go through highs & lows the last year with my pup.  A friend & I took her out to Cornell on Monday & they will operate on both elbows (elbow dysplasia) on the 13th.  It was a fascinating day, little rescue dog from a Kentucky kill shelter now in an exam room with a surgical vet & his 7 person teaching team.  She promptly backed herself into a corner under the desk. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I got her.  And yet, I’d do it again. 💕

• One month down, one to go.  A half a dozen of you have finished the challenge & many more on your way. 

See you at the barre, 

Heard Lately…


Hi everyone ~

One week into the Summer Challenge with more than 60 names on the board.  I love that Aloha Collection is calling their fanny packs “hip packs”.  And I extra love that so many of you are signing up to take them home (myself included).  Everything does come back in fashion, indeed. 

Heard lately... “That is such a pretty dress!”  
I’m doing Rent The Runway Unlimited again this summer.  Many of you know how intentionally small my wardrobe is.  With RTR, I always have a few beautiful items to wear & return without shopping for this one (very short) Buffalo season.

Heard lately... “You got some sun!”  
Yep.  I’m fair, I’m the daughter of a redhead & skin cancer runs in my family.  I’m very careful.  My sis turned me on to Super Goop 50 Oil and I just spent two full days on the beach in Montauk without burning.  It reapplies so nicely.  #win #reordered

Heard lately... “Today’s class was tough!”
Indeed.  And thank you.  And you’re welcome.  24 new shiny sets have been added to the rotation & the groaning & exasperation in the room is audible, which I love. 

Caitlin’s next five week 6:15am Summer Series starts next week & 6 spots remain.  

See you at the barre,

Did Somebody Say Margaritas?


Hey barre babes, it's Emily here! 

So now that I have your attention with a picture of tequila, let me tell ya about the next Club Barre class.

Friday, July 19th @ 6:30pm

It's going to be a Friday Night Fiesta with an all Spanish top hits playlist to get that heart rate pumping. 💃 Oh, and about the tequila - stay for a post-class margarita to really inspire your energy throughout class.

Dress code is whatever you'd like, though your spiciest workout gear is encouraged. I'll have accessories on hand to fit our theme to make your outfit feel 🔥 either way.

As always, it's recommended to have already taken at least one barre class prior to attending Club Barre. This class is booked using regular class credits.

One last thing - don't fear the waitlist! Schedules change, spots open up, and your name can easily make it on to the class list.

Challenge Board = Up


Summer Challenge board is up!  Attend 15 classes throughout July & August and earn $45 to spend on the studio swag of your choice,including these new ALOHA Collection summer essentials.

ALOHA Pinstripe Mini Duffle $45
ALOHA Paradise Mini Duffle $45
ALOHA Pinstripe Mini Hip Pack $40
ALOHA Kalapana Mini Hip Pack $40
Barre Socks $10
Sweatshirts $30
Corkcicle $30
Jewelry Snug $25
Soulku $25
Rifle Co Cards $10

There is a spot on the board for the Aloha item you want (if you want one!)  Aloha items arrive early next week, once you’ve had time to decide (then redecide), write it down so I can make sure you get exactly what your heart desires.

New to studio challenges?  All you need to do to participate is book & attend!  We will track progress to 15 in the studio.

See you at the barre,

Summer Challenge Swag


The Summer Challenge starts in just one week on Monday, July 1st.  Attend 15 classes throughout July & August.  That’s 9 weeks = 1.66 classes / week.

Reward yourself with the many benefits of a consistent barre practice and... $45 to spend on the studio swag of your choice, including these new ALOHA Collection summer essentials.

ALOHA Collection Mini Duffle $45

ALOHA Collection Mini Hip Pack $40

Barre Socks $10

Sweatshirts $30

Corkcicle $30

Jewelry Snug $25

Soulku $25

Rifle Co Cards $10

New to studio challenges?  All you need to do to participate is book & attend!  We will track progress to 15 in the studio.

See you at the barre,

Alll the Summer Barre News


Attention all planners:

The Summer Challenge starts July 1st & will run all of July & August.  Attend 15 classes in 2 months and take home the rewards of consistency.  Stay tuned for swag reveal...

That’s 15 classes in 9 weeks = 1.66 classes/week.  #doable #sodoable

New to studio challenges?  All you need to do is book online & attend.  We will track progress to 15 in the studio. 

Summer Fridays! 

5:30pm Barretending: July 5 & Aug 30
6:30pm Club Barre:  July 19 & Aug 16
All other Fridays:  5:30pm

Early-birds!  You’ve asked us for a repeat & we’re very happy to oblige.  Another 5 week 6:15am session has been added to the calendar.  Details here.

Summer Stretch!  July & August stretch classes have been added to the calendar.

Plan away 💕

- Melissa

‘Round Here


It’s beautiful out!  I finally have summer on the brain.  Hope whatever you have planned for this weekend, it is outside & wonderful.  A small group of us OG Barre Studio women are getting together to drink wine in the sunshine & catch up today.  Can’t wait.

In other news, a good friend of mine (and first a good friend of the studio) is in town this week from France. She’s half of our two member international barre family, and PS, we’re accepting more members.  Even better... I booked a week in Nice in September & she booked herself a weekend there as well.  Sure, I’ll meet you for dinner in the South of France.  Already can’t wait to stay in this dreamy Airbnb.

And if you’ve ever wondered how I travel so often on a barre studio salary.  Travel hacking.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I paid for a flight.  I got my dad into it & he has surpassed my focus with spreadsheets & a binder.  This is the websiteI used most often as a reference when I started.

It’s been a couple years now washing my face with a multi-step “Korean” approach.  I’ve definitely found a few things I love & keep repurchasing.  But hands down my favorite is this face wash.  I use it every morning & a little goes a long way.  It’s moisturizing, not at all stripping.  Every other morning I throw a very light exfoliating scrub on in front of it.

Finally, I ordered this to wear to 80’s Jazzercise Club Barre.  Oh yeah.

That’s it for now.  ☀️


Club Barre: 80’s Jazzercise Edition


Hi there 👋 me again, Emily.

Club Barre is back with a fresh new edition: 
80s Jazzercise!

Friday, June 14th @ 6:30pm

Join us for a vibrant, energetic class to start your Friday evening off right. Feel free to go all out in your favorite 80’s exercise pieces, the bigger, the better!  Think bright neons, legwarmers, sweatbands, big hair, leotards, and an inordinate amount of pep.

This class will be featuring the hottest hits from the 80’s, a fun freebie accessory, and a whole lot of energy. 👯

As suggested before, it's recommended to have already taken at least one barre class prior to attending Club Barre.  This class is booked using regular class credits.

It’s Been A Minute


It’s been a minute since I checked in on a more personal note.  Hi there.  We are rounding the corner into summer where some evening folks become morning folks at the barre, the AC is back on in the studio & it’s light out even after the 7pm class.  Had a recent lovely night out with these beautiful women.  It all feels good.

Today is national rescue dog day.  There is a now a day for everything... but I spent the morning with my 11 month old rescue, Moxie.  This was her final PT appointment for elbow dysplasia & they now think she needs surgery.  She has had a hard little start to life, I’m hoping things soften soon, for both our sakes.

I’ve been reading a ton lately & get asked occasionally how I make that happen.  Look, some of our lives have more down time than others.  But also, it’s a priority and a choice over TV or my phone.  It calms me.  I have a daily goal of 50 pages & I almost always meet it.  I track it on an app called Done 🤓 so I can see my streak.  And I find once I’m on a streak, I tend to exceed 50 pages because my brain is happy & engaged.  Summer is hands down my favorite reading season.

Currently reading:  Where The Crawdads Sing

Up next:  The Flight Portfolio

These mules.  I found this boutique through Instagram (of course) and have since ordered a top & swimsuit, both of which I love.  Their price point is very approachable for cute summer items.

Caitlin’s 6:15am early summer barre series is well subscribed.  Four spots remain if you’ve been interested in joining, registration closes 5/31.

12 days & 32 classes remain in the May Challenge.  Upcoming Stretch Therapydates have been added to the calendar.  Oh & stay tuned for the next Club Barre date, details & dress code. 💃🏿

Love - Melissa

Calling All Early-Birds


** UPDATE: This class series has 5 attendees & is a go!  If you already purchased, you’ll now see the 10 classes on your schedule.  The Summer Series package will be available for purchase until May 31st or until fully subscribed. **

Got early morning plans between Memorial Day & the 4th of July?  Now you do.

Caitlin will be teaching the summer class many of you have been asking for.  Get your workout in before work or your day with the kiddos.

The details:
5 weeks
Fri, May 31st through Wed, July 3rd
Fri & Wed mornings

The commitment:
10 class summer 6:15am series for $104. That’s 10 classes for the cost of 8 at the $13 rate.  You’ll be booked in all 10 without the ability to cancel.  Committed!  The 2 class buffer is to allow for sleep, vacations, or come to them all & reward your consistency!

The instructions:
Purchase the package Summer Series.

Finally:  Yes, that May 31st class counts toward the May Challenge.  And yes, July 3rd will count toward the Summer Challenge.

See you in the studio bright & early this summer...  Well, I won’t, but Caitlin will. 🙃

~ Melissa